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Did you know that Duct and Ventilation Duct Work Cleaning must be carried out at least once a year to fulfil legal requirements? Keeping your ducts and ventilation systems clean is vital to help maintain a safe and healthy environment.

Here at HSC we have vast experience in commercial ventilation and ductwork cleaning and can offer the best solution for you’re business<

Nearly all non-domestic premises have a ventilation system with ductwork in the ceilings, walls or both.  These ducts can accumulate dust, dirt and debris, that can become a breeding ground for mould and bacteria… particularly if your work environment is a hot one with raised temperatures and humidity. The Air that carries through your ventilation system can carry these pathogens and allergens into your building.

Without regular cleaning of your duct work, your ventilation system that was designed to circulate fresh and clean, could do the opposite with very dangerous consequences.

Have you heard of ‘Sick Building Syndrom’?  Its common in office buildings and schools, where its occupants can suffer from repeated minor illnesses such as allergies, flu and colds.  Its been proven that poorly maintained ventilation systems are helping to spread dust and airborne micro-organisms through buildings.  Did you know that the air inside your building can be as much as 70 times more polluted than the air outside?

In hospitals, MRSA and other serious infections can be spread via poorly maintained ventilation systems, and this can threaten the lives of patients and staff.

You need to be confident that your air ducts and ventilation systems are diligently and professionally cleaned…and that means they need to be cleaned everywhere, not just where its easy to reach.  At HSC we provide a complete service which includes inspections, and we clean all of your ductwork and can include the canopy and fan end, internally and externally.  We can also create permanent access doors on the ducting allowing technicians to fulcilitate there work for future cleaning and replace new for old filters if ever required

Simply, we can provide a complete service to make sure that you are in compliance with you insurance and ensures that your environment is safe.

HSC Specialist Cleaning are proud to adhere to the cleaning standards guidelines laid out in B&ES/TR19 (B&ES TR/19 ‘Guide to Good Practice – Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems’) and produce a certificate (that is required by your buildings insurance) on completion on the work carried out. We also supply before and after photographs and a call completion record fully signed.

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