Fish & Chip Range Cleaning

As we all know, fish & chips, our national dish, are incredibly popular in the UK… and specifically up here in the North West.We’re based very close to Blackpool and of course, fish & chips are the favoured choice for the millions of visitors that come every year.

Which of course means, that Blackpool has lots of fish & chip shops… to feed all these hungry tourists!

The professional deep cleaning of fish & chip shops is very important, not just because they obviously need to be clean from a hygiene point of view… but also from a health and safety standpoint. 

Did you know that in the UK, millions of pounds are spent every year by insurance companies on fish & chip shop fire payouts?  These fires are nearly always started in the extraction ducting.

That where we, HSC Specialist Cleaning can help… because of our location we have lots of experience from over the years of fish & chip shop cleaning. 


At HSC, when we finish your work, we provide you with before and after photos, signed job sheet and a certificate… its possibly the main reason why you should get the job done professionally because obtaining this proof, that you have had your system professionally cleaned by a specialist company is vital if you are asked to show evidence by your insurance company.

We date and document the work, giving you physical evidence, as well as taking away the stress of knowing that having the work done professionally eradicates a lot of risk to your business.

We clean your air duct and ventilation systems to the standard of the B&ES TR/19 ‘Guide to Good Practice – Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems’ and provide you with the certificate that is required by your buildings insurance.



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