Everything you wanted to know about Extract & Fan Cleaning!

Deep cleaning air extract systems in environments like commercial kitchens is an incredibly important and vital job but its a task that is sometime overlooked because there are areas that are not easily accessible.  That means that in order to do a professional job, it would usually require a specialist to carry it out properly.

The reason why your extract systems and fans need to be professionally and properly cleaned is that they can be a significant fire and health risk to your business and building.

Oil and grease can build up from the canopy, right through to the duct, which potentially can be ignited by the flames from the cookers in your kitchen.  If it isn’t cleaned regularly then you have a definite fire hazard, fires are caused this way every year… and if you haven’t been cleaning your extraction system regularly then your insurance company won’t pay out on your claim.

The additional problem of not getting your Extraction System cleaned regularly is that deposits of grease and oil can harbour harmful bacteria, which can pose a risk of food contamination and also be a health risk to staff, customers and visitors.  All your hard work, the time and effort that you put into keeping your kitchen and work environment clean can all be undone if you have a constant source of airborne bacteria such as an extraction system that hasn’t been cleaned.

Did you know that your extract system will be included in any health and safety inspection, and if it hasn’t been maintained correctly that it could result in the closure of your business? The risks and dangers involved really do help to underline the importance of properly maintaining your extraction system.

Deep cleaning an extraction system involves getting access to the ducts, includes removing panels, taking off parts, working in confined spaces, the use of step ladders, specialist cleaning fluids and tools. The work also involves wearing protective masks and suits

At HSC, when we finish your work, we provide you with before and after photos, signed job sheet and a certificate… its possibly the main reason why you should get the job done professionally because obtaining this proof, that you have had your system professionally cleaned by a specialist company is vital if you are asked to show evidence by your insurance company.  We date and document the work, giving you physical evidence, as well as taking away the stress of knowing that having the work done professionally eradicates a lot of risk to your business.

We clean your air duct and ventilation systems to the standard of the B&ES TR/19 ‘Guide to Good Practice – Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems’ and provide you with the certificate that is required by your buildings insurance.