What’s Kitchen Deep Cleaning?

Every kitchen manager, head chef and restaurant owner wants a spotless, clean, hygienic professional kitchen free from grease, dirt, carbon and bacteria.  Day to day cleaning will never reach the hard to get to areas which will allow the build up of grease, grime and bacteria.

And that’s where HSC Specialist Cleaning can help!  We have vast experience of Kitchen Deep Cleaning and we can help clean those hard to reach areas, eradicate the grease and grime, stopping the spread of bacteria and ensuring that your kitchen is a healthy, safe workplace and meet your legal obligations to your customers and staff.

Kitchen deep cleaning, mean cleaning all of those areas that are out of sight or hard to reach and that includes underneath and behind cookers, fridges, freezers and preparation units.  Fridge seals, high shelves, between walls, units and equipment… and inaccessible parts of oven ranges, grills and fryers.

We clean and steam clean all kitchen equipment including walls, floors, ovens, cookers, deep fat fryers and all free standing shelving, basically anything thats in your kitchen!

Remember that a build of grease is a fire hazard and that if you’re kitchen isn’t regularly cleaned by a deep cleaning specialist that you might not be covered by your insurance company.  You can find out more about the B&ES TR/19 guidelines here

Local Authority Environmental Health Officers use the Food Safety Act 1990 as their principal item of legislation when they evaluate catering outlets in the UK.  In addition, the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, requires that caterers are able to show that they have a cleaning protocol in place, demonstrating how and when their kitchen is cleaned… being able to show that your kitchen is regularly deep cleaned shows the officer just how seriously you take your kitchens cleanliness.